MP Intergrated Solutions

mobile business infrastructure

Providing Enterprise-grade Integrated Technology Solutions

Why Us

We are able to go through a design/build process with our customers on any of these solutions.  Our customers appreciate having these capabilities with one vendor, leaving less room for miscommunication during projects, creating more efficiency and accurate project timelines and being able to work with one company that is able to understand the impact of each decision you make and how it will affect all the other divisions of the project. 

We can be your turnkey technology provider for:
- DAS/Cellular Enhancement Solutions and Strategies (Site walks and Design Services with IBwave software)
- Wi-fi, Hotspot 2.0, Passpoint and NGH expertise
- Low-voltage data/voice Infrastructure
- High-voltage Cabling
- SAN/Server Storage
- Professional Audio/Video Design-Build Solutions
- Cisco Network Security
- Cisco Core Route/Switch
- Design, Installation and Maintenance of Aerial and Underground Telecom Infrastructure
- Intelligent Building/Sustainable Energy Solutions
- National Project Roll-Outs
- Fiber-to-the-X strategy and end-point termination (FTTN, FTTS, FTTH, Etc.)
- Hydro Excavating Services

MP Integrated Solutions has a commitment to being more than a vendor to our customers, forming a partnership of trust and accountability for our commitments.  Please think of us for any and all the above listed solutions and we will take an unbiased look at what will best suit your needs and environment.