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Providing Enterprise-grade Integrated Technology Solutions






From network infrastucture down to software and everywhere in-between

MP Integrated Solutions provides turn-key enterprise-grade integrated technology solutions to companies that meet your business objectives. We have been in business for 40+ years and have a dedicated delivery staff that is focused on our customer’s wants and needs with key reference clients such as AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Xcel Energy, CenterPoint Energy and Google.  We consult towards a holistic understanding of what your wants and needs are and create a complete solution that connects your business critical aspects together to deliver a result that provides the advantages your company needs to thrive.

At MPI, we focus on providing a customized level of service to each customer based on their needs.  We cater our four core offerings to organizations, doing things as simple as low-voltage cabling up to a complex Design | Build processes, MPI has the ability to work with your organization to create a solution that is specified to your business objectives.  

We have over 1200 employees nation-wide; from project managers/project coordinators to engineers and technicians, help desk support to application developers, all able to accommodate your technology needs in virtually any location around the country, being licensed in 38 states around the US with our most significant presence being in Minnesota, Texas, Arizona and California.

Where MPI can really deliver a value to our customers is during a new office move or build.  We can handle all facets of your technology objectives in-house to deliver the a entire solution minimal room for miscommunications.  Video Surveillance, digital entry access (card access), fire alarm, burglar alarm, cellular and wifi enhancement to low-voltage cabling and fiber strategies, we make your company office move less stressful and more successful.





MPI can provide not only the voice of experience, but a holistic picture of the strategy around a scalable and flexible wireless roll-out.

Building Systems

MP focuses on providing an integrated building that runs efficiently, with a minimal need for human interaction.

data center

MP understands what systems make up a bullet-proof data center and what should integrate together to mitigate your risk even further.

information systems

MP has a host of solutions to help your organization find the solutions that best fit your culture.